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Plantgrowpick | 2019's Trending Plants List


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Owning a garden is the dream of most people who love greenery all around. No doubt, keeping your surroundings green is one of the best ways to breathe life. However, picking the right plant for your garden is a different story. How will you judge which plant is the best for your home? Which will go best with your home design? Which one will survive if you forget watering for any reason?


Let’s explore trendy plants that you can choose for your home in 2019 with the expert of plantgrowpick.



Anthurium also is known as jungle queen are like orchids. When we talk about their native habitat they usually grow in treetops and in the cracks where the branches meet the trunk. Most people prefer this plant to keep at home as they are super hardy as indoor plants. And as their leaves are usually at least three feet long, they add a super lush tropical vibe to a room in the home.

Epiphyllum oxypetalum

Epiphyllum oxypetalum also known as a queen of the night is actually a tropical cactus that grows better indoors and bloom very well at night. In addition, it grows very quickly in the right environment and you will find many flowers blooming at one time. Most people may not know that it boom at night only and blossoms could be the size of your palm. If you want to experience the show, catch this flower at night as it will close in the morning. To keep them blooming and grow, water them more often in the month of April to October and fertilize regularly. And during winters, it is advisable to stop fertilizing and water accurately.

Ceropegia sandersonii

Vines plants of all types are another best and attractive option for your home. When we talk about its shape and looks, these heart shape flowers look like a small parachute. They look very good in the corner of the home and add beauty to the room. However, these plants are not very popular, most people don’t even know about them, but those who know love them. So, if you are seeking plant that not only easy to grow but looks amazing, try out these trendy plants.


Hoyas also popular as wax flowers that grow upright, climb, depending on the plant. Hoya flowers not easily available. When it comes to their beauty, they look stunning and often fragrant, that is one of the best things of these plants. They are not getting popularity, especially those with a unique leaf shape and color. For example, Hoya kerrii and Hoya deykei. These both display broad heart-shaped leaves on reaching vines.

Final Thoughts

So, according to plantgrowpick, these are few good and latest trending plants you can consider in 2019 if you are a nature lover and love greenery and planting. In case you have more query or suggestion regarding trending plants that grow well and deliver amazing fragrance, do share with us. You can write below in the comment box.

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